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"Neg!" "Pos!"

Am I seriously turning 20 tomorrow?

I don't feel 20 (and I certainly don't look it!!).

In fact I still feel like I'm 16.... or 6, depending on the day.

Don't you just hate when that happens?

Well, either way, this is going to be THE LONGEST YEAR OF MY LIFE!!! Seriously, why can't I be turning 21? I mean, it's Irish night at the arena (which is awesome) and all beers are only $1 (which would be awesome if I a. was 21 and b. actually liked beer).

Ah, well. It'll be fun anyway. = )

PS. To those attending, I am dead serious when I say I will extremely disappointed if Devil Dawg (and Mike Snow, if you can) don't come and harass the shit out of me.
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