wouldn't you like to know? (cc_gdubs_ho) wrote,
wouldn't you like to know?

I Feel Pretty!

It's snowing, I'm bored, I'm in a oddly good mood (I think it's from listening to Roddy all day) and I feel like making a list, damnit!

A Few of the Many Things to do Before I Die
1. Get kicked out of a store. Sad, really, that I haven't done it yet.
2. Date a hockey player or at least hook up with one. It's a long shot but a girl can dream.
3. Pee on an electric fence. This one will be tough seeing as I'll either have to learn to pee standing up or find a disposable penis.
4. Pull a horrible prank on someone. Cream cheese in their deoderant would be a good one... or maybe clear gelatin in the toilet.
5. Road trip. This one is definitely going to happen when me and Jess go to visit Ness in Georgia.
6. Play ship's mast. This will hopefully be the last thing I do because I'm either going to die or get arressted in the process.
7. Spend a night in the drunk tank. Just because.
8. Be a nomad for a short while. If my parents go to Maine any time soon this one will definitely get crossed off my list.
9. Backpacking. Again, just because.
10. Skydive.
11. Hanglide.
12. Fly a plane. Would be really, really, cool but I don't see it happening. Ever.

And my all time favorites which is why I saved them for last.

13. Have sex in an elevator. Love in an elevator....
14. Sex in a tree. Thank "Whose The Biggest Pervert" for the idea.
15. Scuba sex. Because I said so.

Well. That was fun. What a shame I'm still bored out of my mind.
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