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GASP! A Serious-ish Post by Claire?!?!?

The icon just says what you're all thinking. Don't worry I'm not announcing the fact that I'm going to keel over and die of some horrible flesh eating virus or ebola or whatever. I still have to wreak havoc in a nursing home!! I haven't LIVED yet.

Actually that last one's pretty true. Some old guy keeps telling me "you've never ____!?!?! You haven't lived!" He'd be right. I mean, I still need to go skinny dipping, sky diving, backpacking, and for a road trip and that doesn't even put a dent into my to-do list.

I also need to grow up somewhere along the lines. I'm not saying tomorrow or anytime this week and certainly not completely because let's face it, I wouldn't be Claire Anne Murphy without my childlike innocence. I think I have finally stepped onto the path to my adult life and I have changed a little bit(though they're very, VERY subtle changes). Now it's just a matter of taking it one step at a time. I'm still just a baby after all and Rome wasn't built in a day and all those other cliche sayings.

I wonder if they have twelve step programs for growing up.
Step 1. Acceptance- embrace that you're about to leave your childhood behind
Step 2. Denial- inevitable
Step 3. Re-acceptance- see step one
Step 4. Get a job- it'll be minimum wage and you'll probably hate it
Repeat Step 4 until you can find something better

Or is there a list of requirements like when you go to the RMV?
To be an adult you will need the following...
1. Proof of US residency and ID
2. Job that pays more than $10/hour
3. Horde of friends
4. Boyfriend/girlfriend/fiance/husband/wife/signifigant-other/life partner/fuck buddy
4. 2 story home with white picket fence in suburbs

Yeah, right!

I got my proof of residency and a good job (albeit one with shitty pay... and it's only seasonal). I don't have a horde of friends but I certainly like the ones I have. And I have my boyfriend who is the catalyst for those subtle changes I mentioned earlier. Did I mention how wonderful he is for putting up with my crazy-ass coming-of-age-but-still-teenage mentality? I mean it when I say it too. I really need to stop being so selfish because he's that guy you always hear about that contradicts every bad thing you've come to love to hate about other men. Don't be fooled though. He still has his faults (I DO TO KNOW HOW TO RIDE A BIKE!!!!!!). And he actually gets me to talk too!! About FEELINGS and things! Y'all know my last relationship went down the drain because I couldn't talk to my ex about how he was being an idiot. I think I'll keep this one around for a while. I'd say I have a second guy on the side but he'll give me shit for giving him shit about making jokes like that = )

My next step will be re-learning to budget my money. That's a lie. My next step is getting my license. Did I mention that my sister wants me to go for my road test on friday? I think I pooed myself when she said that.

Alas my hands are freezing and I grow weary of thinking of what to write... type. Whatever. So I'm going to cut this short. Life is good. Great in fact. It will continue to be so even after I move to Maine and I'm forced to drive down here an hour and fifteen minutes every day to see certain peoples. And I plan on keeping it that way.

This is Claire come at you live from her computer room with ice cold hands saying, Back off! My slice of happiness, Bitches! = P

PS. To a certain reader, isn't Post Jr.'s big brother lovely? He doesn't talk about you much but you know I still love you. = )
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