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wouldn't you like to know?

Since some of you have been underestimating the power of mono. Here's something to give you a little idea of why I haven't been in school for about a week and won't be for awhile. 

Mono is not something that you recover from after a few days of watching shitty daytime television. You don't just recover suddenly and spring back to your normal routine, all happy, bouncy, and energetic. If you go to say, MySpace and look at the "Mononucleosis Owns" group, you'll see that some people were still weak from it for up to THREE MONTHS after their symptoms went away. This isn't the flu, people. This is far worse. In a post on said MySpace group, someone reffered to it as the holocaust. I find that to be a rather accurate description of what goes on in one's throat.

According to CNN.com, and at least a thousand other sites, the sore throat one experiences from mono lasts for a few weeks but the swollen lymph nodes (glands, or tonsils, whichever you prefer to call them) last much, much longer. Typically one suffers the symptoms of mono for FOUR to SIX WEEKS. That's a MONTH PLUS with nothing to be done except to wait it out.

Now, I've done a Google search and in the lj-cut are the top two images I found. If nothing I've already said came across to you, than these should. Be warned; these images are not for the weak of stomach.

The left tonsil is actually alot like what mine looked like two days ago. Is't that a lovely white spot? Imagine it almost completely covering your entire tonsil. Also, this one really show how red your throat can get.

That's a pretty good picture of just how swollen your tonsils can get. Mine weren't quite that bad. I at least had a small amount of room for swallowing water, albiet painfully. And see how the uvula is sorta touching the right tonsil in this picture? Mine was pretty much surgically attached to my left tonsil which was absolutely covered in the white shit.

And I hope you all now know why I'm not in school and won't be for some time. Have a good, mono-free day and know that I envy you all in your mono-less bliss.

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